Simple minimally invasive brain stimulation and cortical EEG for stroke


EPIC Brain Stimulation

The Challenge


Following a stroke, a region of the brain loses proper connectivity between neurons.  This can result in long-term or permanent impairment in speech, movement, or cognition.  Traditional physical rehab helps train the brain to compensate for the loss.  However, benefits of rehab on its own are often limited.

The Science


Connections between neurons are strengthened when the firing of one neuron repeatedly contributes to the firing of the second.  Combining brain stimulation with training creates more focused and effective change in the brain.

The Solution


The EPIC Stimulator is tiny, leadless, configurable, and able to electrically stimulate the entire target region.  The implant procedure is simple (~15 min).  EPIC contains no battery and is externally powered only during muscle and cognitive training, about an hour a day.  It is easily removable following rehab.  The EPIC also allows cortical EEG recording streamed to a handheld device, allowing quantitative tracking of changes in the brain..